Natalie Grubb, as well as the entire Grubb Campbell Group, were exceptional through the entire process. My home was unique, and required many showings. Natalie recognized the value in my home, she understood the quality and uniquely attractive features, and relentlessly pursued the right buyer. She was forever optimistic, always in communication throughout the process, and patient with all the paperwork!! One more thing: Natalie conducts herself professionally, and with a high ethical bar — exactly the type of person I like to do business with. I would, without a doubt, use the Grubb Campbell Group again

Don Farnsworth

Working with Natalie has been an absolute pleasure – she managed every detail seamlessly, was a thoughtful advocate as I deliberated in my search, is phenomenally responsive – simply a consummate real estate professional. Being a SB lifer, she’s incredibly knowledgeable about the area, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor in Santa Barbara.

Elizabeth Bradley

With her deep understanding of market fundamentals and dynamics, outstanding work ethic, demonstrated thoughtfulness and empathy to all parties, and fair-minded but creative approach to all aspects of a transaction, we strongly recommend Natalie Grubb and her talented team to assist you achieve your real estate objectives. They are very good at what they do but don’t rest on their well-deserved laurels as they are committed to the highest standards of customer service.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our experience with the Grubb Campbell Real Estate Group.

Dana Severy

To Potential Clients of Natalie Grubb,

If you are reading this, I assume it is because you are thinking about using Natalie Grubb to represent you on a real estate transaction. Therefore, rather than merely giving her a quick thumbs up, however enthusiastic that may be, I want to give you the benefit of a more detailed analysis since Natalie has now represented me in two transactions, once as a Buyer and once as a Seller.

I first met Natalie at an open house in Montecito when my family and I were, somewhat aimlessly, looking at open houses as a possible alternative to rebuilding on another piece of property. As such, we had no real perspective on the market at that time, and the idea of buying an existing property was not even well formed. In fact, we had not even seen more than three or four properties when we walked into Natalie’s open house.

I am emphasizing the above because I want to impress upon you how Natalie was able to make us see, and take advantage of, a huge value.

As a result of Natalie’s expansive knowledge of the area’s real estate, she was able to very quickly “bring us up to speed” on the market. As a result, we had such confidence in her analysis, that we quickly made an offer and acquired the property that we saw on that open house. I honestly believe that had we not run into Natalie, and/or had worked with another agent, we would have hesitated and missed a golden opportunity.

Natalie conducted the entire escrow process like the pro that she is, and we always felt that she had our backs. I cannot thank her enough for her advice and professionalism. We are thrilled with the purchase.

Then, last summer, three years after the above escrow, I had a prime lot in the Bay Area that I wanted to sell. In preparation for its eventual sale, I had been in contact with a very prominent agent in that area for at least seven years as we waited for the right time to list. However, much to my puzzlement, that agent’s suggestion as to our potential list price never seemed to change much. Year after year, her suggested list price was always in the same range, and despite our own analysis, including discovering that she had the incorrect lot size, she kept trying to talk us down in price. We were sure that she was wrong, yet a few other agents in the area also seconded the listing price suggested by that first agent. The emphasis seemed to be getting a listing low enough that they could get it into contract within the first thirty days. One agent basically said as much.

We knew our lot was worth more and, tired of arguing with local agents, I said to my husband that “What we need is a Natalie!”

As a result, I contacted Natalie and expressed my frustration to her. That’s when Natalie told me that she could co-list with an agent in the Bay Area. She said that she would be responsible for finding the right agent who could properly represent our lot, and we could have the confidence of having her (Natalie) guide the entire transaction. Bingo! That was the answer.


So, would I recommend Natalie as an agent? You bet!

Irene Kopel

Natalie and Brian are the best, I will never use anyone else. If you want to sell or buy you will find that Natalie and Brian are both professional and just down right great people.

Hard to find service this good anymore, they are the best!

Matt and Michele Genovese

They are absolutely wonderful. They took great care of me and my family. I had a great experience and would and do recommend them highly. We are very lucky to have them in our community.

Brent and Angela Boone

They not only did a great job in helping us to find a property in the area, but have done an excellent job of finding renters and maintaining the property for us. They’re very knowledgeable and very nice people to work with.

John and Karen Butcher

Natalie is an A+ gold standard broker. We just closed buying a house in Santa Barbara – at every step she was professional, organized, calm, and supremely knowledgable about the business side of the deal as well as the ins and outs of the neighborhoods of the city. She’s been doing this a long time and really knows her stuff. But just as important: she was a delight to work with, responsive and I always felt she was honest, transparent and on our side. She seems to love her job and is just plain good at it. Natalie and her team are total pros and the whole process was smooth and as painless as buying a house can be. You really can’t do better.

Craig Shapiro & Liz Kruger

Natalie Grubb and her team are true professionals. From start to finish every encounter with them exceeded our expectations. Natalie listened to our needs and helped us to quickly filter out those homes that would not be a good fit. She helped us to see things we could not and find some truly unique and beautiful houses to consider. When the time came to make an offer, she helped us do so a timely, efficient and thorough manner. We never once thought that buying our fist home would be easy, but Natalie Grubb made it just that. She goes beyond the call of duty, taking care of every detail and providing personal attention to her clients.

Janelle and Dan Green

Sometimes a great agent makes all the difference. This was certainly the case with respect to my recent purchase of a Montecito home. Had I not been lucky enough to meet Natalie at the open house, I am fairly certain that I would not have even made an offer. However, Natalie immediately provided the level of confidence I needed with respect to both market value and her competency as an agent. The result is that I purchased a great home in a great area. Truly, I cannot recommend Natalie and her team more highly.

Irene Kopel

Honestly, Natalie is a real professional that cares. She was smart, accurate, and calming. Though we have ample experience in Real Estate, Natalie actually taught us many new angles. She remained very positive and informative throughout the transaction. This is the 9th home we have bought/sold. In my 20+ years of Real Estate ownership, Natalie was by far the best.

The Creagers

My husband and I had a pretty good idea of what we wanted before we started looking for a home in Santa Barbara. Fortunately for us, Natalie came highly recommended by our son and daughter- in- law, when she helped them find their first home. Natalie’s professionalism, extensive experience, and knowledge of Santa Barbara is remarkable. She helped us find the perfect home for us, with a stunning view, and handled the transaction seamlessly. She is well respected and introduced us to many dependable and high quality service people in the community. It is a pleasure to work with Natalie and we couldn’t have had a better agent!

Nancy and Barney Melekian

Natalie Grubb-Campbell was outstanding in her role as our agent in finding our home in a difficult market. Natalie was extremely responsive; highly ethical, but effective in strategy and tactics; consistently professional, yet very personable; and persistent and intrepid. She was superb in all respects. Plus, she was just plain fun!  I would not hesitate to refer Natalie to family, friends or colleagues!

David and Lori Secrest

Hi Natalie, I have been so busy up here I have not even thanked or congratulated you on a spectacular job of helping me with this whole 1031 exchange stuff. You are the greatest agent/friend to go through this with. You have the calm and intelligence that made this a very fun adventure. I’m sure you will be a great heir apparent — to village properties your mom must be very proud of you. Let’s plan a fun wine tasting in the new “pad”.

Thanks again,
Love Joan

Joan Ising

Working with Natalie and Brian was a very positive and enjoyable experience. First and foremost, they are honest, smart and genuine. Every intricate detail of our negotiations and purchasing process was handled with skill and diligence. However, we were more than just a transaction to them. They sold us on the community and took the time to introduce and welcome us to Santa Barbara. Having worked with many real estate agents, we put Natalie and Brian as two of the best.

John and Amy Hummer

Natalie and Brian exceeded my expectations at every step of our transaction. I’ve worked with many real estate agents in the last 20 years and found them to be shining stars. I would call on them again without a moment of hesitation for future transactions. i felt as though they always had our best interests as a priority and in my mind that is the hallmark of a true professional.

Ben & Heather Burleson

Natalie and Brian exceeded my expectations at every step of our transaction. I’ve worked with many real estate agents in the last 20 years and found them to be shining stars. I would call on them again without a moment of hesitation for future transactions. i felt as though they always had our best interests as a priority and in my mind that is the hallmark of a true professional.

Gary & Joanie Saint Denis

My husband and I have worked with Natalie and Brian since our very first real estate transaction 16 years ago. They have advised us and handled every real estate transaction we have done in that time. Many times, after extensive research, my husband and I would decide not to pursue a property. In those cases, I know that Natalie and Brian have done so much due diligence for us, and not been paid. But like any true professional, thier focus has been on our satisfaction, and what is best for us. I know they have lost time and money on some of those deals; but they always chose to invest in our dreams, and our family. For that, I am eternally grateful. Their attention to detail and personal service has been impeccable. Their professionalism has caused a true trust to grow with us that I dare say, we have never had with any other professional in our lives.
They do what they say they are going to do, and they fight for us in every deal. We highly recommend them to any prospective homebuyer or seller.

Meghan Flood

The Art of Exceptional Customer Service must come from the heart.  When it is genuinely caring and very competent it always makes us wonder if it can be taught.  Selling my home was difficult and emotional. My particular situation was complicated and required knowledge, attention to detail and a person who listened and was able to advise me in a respectful manner. I can be very demanding and somewhat challenging. Natalie was strong in her direction but always kind and considerate. Natalie Grubb-Campbell is exceptional. She is thorough, has the best follow-up of any professional I have ever worked with.  All my interactions with her were comfortable.  I knew I was in good hands. I really like Natalie as a human being. She is devoted to her family and community.  I am left with a lasting impression.  Natalie is a truly fine individual who will always care deeply about the quality of service she provides. I will always be happy to provide her with a verbal reference when requested to do so.

Jocelyn Hampton

Natalie handles herself as a real professional in every aspect of her profession. She is enthusiastic, responsive to any questions, and handles any difficulties with ease.

Natalie goes out of her way to make the selling process easy. Her sense of humor and confidence was a relief during a time when things can be quite stressful.

I would recommend her to anyone that wants a listing or selling agent who is capable, thorough, and trustworthy.

William Coln and Lauren Thomas

Working with Natalie Grubb and her team at Grubb Campbell has been a true pleasure. She is extremely knowledgeable about the Santa Barbara Real Estate Market, and hands down one of the most professional and responsive people working in the area. They have helped us in both buying and selling properties in SB, and they have a deep knowledge of working with the city as well as with income and investment properties.

James Knapp

We have purchased a few single family homes over the last couple decades, and have worked with several realtors over this time. In particular, we have worked with four different realtors over the last few years in the Santa Barbara/Ventura County area. Grubb Campbell is my top favorite realtor in this area, hands down. Not only are they “high touch” service, but they add thoughtful and helpful input to the whole process…not just into “sales” but focus most of all on the client’s needs and add insights along the way to help get to “yes” in the whole real estate process.

Kiki and David Gindler

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